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I felt like I was alive for the first time while playing the game.
–Ross Phillips, Medical Doctor 68

Since I first played the game, one of the greatest desires that I had in my heart was for my whole family to play the game.
–Aubrey Ruby 21

Abundance was the most enriching, engaging, and intriguing game I've played thus far! The Spiritual Principles engrained in the activity are life-building and character-forming lessons that all can benefit from. The Economic Principles taught are based on charity, intelligence, and service. It has grasped these simple, God-given concepts that are key steps to an abundant life. Thank you for sharing Abundance with us. I would like to share it with my friends and family!
–Jewely Merrill

Brandon, I just wanted to write and express my gratitude to you for developing a game which I see as one of the greatest tools ever made to incorporate both financial and personal freedom. Through playing the game yesterday I feel as though I have "leved up" spiritually in my life. I am very appreciative to you for all of your hard work and thought to create such a valuable tool which I am eagerly sharing with my family and friends. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help such a wonderful concept spread faster around the world.
–Kevin Jensen

The Abundance game is amazing. It taught me that I have had the wrong approach to business. I've always looked at business as a means to get rich for myself. I had never really considered the aspects of serving others. I have since learned however, that it is through serving others to true success is realized. Thanks for the opportunity to play this game!
–Shawn Martinson

What is truly amazing about this game is that even after having played the game now over ten times, I continue to learn and grow. I have witnessed how the Universe uses the game to teach players by drawing out the perfect lesson from the Spiritual Man and Natural Man cards. My experience is not only firsthand but also I have observed my friends learn powerful principles and gain priceless wisdom. I have watched it over and over again and I know this game goes beyond any other learning experience. Even months after the game, my friends still say that their life continues to shift because they played the game.
–Tyler Ruby, 25

Playing the game was a great experience, it inspired me to start up my own business instead of working for someone else. The spiritual teachings and thoughts tied into the game were really fun because it showed me that making money isn't only a worldly thing, but is affected by our spiritual man. I learned a lot from the game and I'm excited to play it again!
–Scott Wuthrich 17

I liked this game because it was fun, but it still taught good lessons, and got the players thinking about how they can start making money not only in the game but in real life. It also showed the importance of serving others on your road to wealth. It was fun, like ultimate monopoly only better because it had more real situations, and life applications. It was also good mixing spiritual things with the world of money to teach a double lesson, which is something that I haven't seen done before.
–Paul Wuthrich 15

As a mom, I really enjoyed watching the interaction between my two oldest sons during the course of the game, in addition to my own personal ah ah's! Our oldest son who in reality does very well with money matters did not do well in the game and our second oldest, generally the one short on money, did very well. As the tables were turned, it was very exciting to see the light go on in him, which became even brighter as he reached the abundant track and was able to help his older brother. I really believe that our thoughts and feelings about ourselves have a greater impact on us and how things turn out for us more than what people give them credit for.
–Maria Wuthrich, Wife and Mother of 4

This is more than a game, it's an inspiring, fun, educational experience ready to happen! Within a week of playing this game, my two older boys are in the planning stages of starting their own business and my wife has finally made a decision to take some classes she has been deliberating about. Since we've played it, my wife has been so excited about it in telling and setting up game times with family and friends, that I can hardly get a word in edge wise about it, so here's my chance! Personally, I found myself reflecting through the week on the spiritual cards I had drawn and acting quicker and with more confidence in pursing income opportunities. What a valuable resource.
–Greg Wuthrich, High School Administrator

After Playing the game for the first time, me and my friends decided to not only play the game on a weekly basis, but also to set up a partnership with each other where we would each put in $50 to buy our first game. And from there we would do the same thing each month until we each had our own game.
–Shayne 29

When my friend asked me how much I thought the game was, I guessed high at $30. When I found out it was $300 I gasped in disbelief. But after 3 hours of play, I could see that this was a game that had already started to shift my view on life. With that I understood the entry price was a minimal investment of my future livelihood.
–Kathy Lyon 46

It would be hard for somebody to complete this game not wanting use the lessons to improve one’s self.
– Lee Sinclair 39

I am anxious to play this game with my children. The life lessons learned while playing this game will affect not only what you think about yourself, but how you treat others.
–Clella Sinclair 47, Mother of 3

We had a great time with the game over a two-hour period, and wanted to keep going! It’s very true to life at the beginning, mirroring our actual financial situation. The game quickly becomes enlightening in terms of financial opportunities, and the added motivation to perform service and potential to grow in character. The players grew closer together, and we experienced many “Aha! So that’s what we’ve been doing wrong” kind of moments. Great way to pass time with new or old friends, provided they are open to being challenged.
–Bill & Jana Cor

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