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The Ultimate Human Training Tool - Financial Education based upon principles of Character, Integrity, and the Human Spirit. The Game that teaches how the human spirit is related to wealth

The Abundance® Game

"The Ultimate Human Training Tool"
Financial Education based upon principles of Character, Integrity, and The Human Spirit.
The Game that Teaches How the Human Spirit is Related to Wealth

The Abundance® Game includes:

  • The board game Abundance®
  • Instructional DVD so you dont even need to read the instruction manual.
  • Bonus DVD segment featuring "The Spirit Within™"
  • The Abundance® Game is recommended for adults and teens.

Who Needs Education?Testimonials:
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I felt like I was alive for the first time while playing the game.
–Ross Phillips, Medical Doctor 68

Since I first played the game, one of the greatest desires that I had in my heart was for my whole family to play the game.
–Aubrey Ruby 21

Abundance was the most enriching, engaging, and intriguing game I've played thus far!...
–Jewely Merrill

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