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Would you like us to train your team?

We have a Business Results Specialist that can come to you

If you have 20 or more people on your team, you can request a 2 hour training from one of our Business Results Specialists.

Common Topics of Interest

"Mastering Influence"
"How to influence and sell without people feeling like they are being sold"
What you will learn:
    1) Learn the process that took Brandon from earning $1,000 a week to earning $1,000 an hour
    2) Learn a step by step process that will get you a close ratio of 100%
    3) Learn how to create a massive database of responsive customers
    4) Dramatically increase the sales and motivation of your team
    5) Learn 10 specific ways to identify how people are motivated or turned off
"The Higher Laws of Money" - Business Training
This training will:
    • Show you how to findmore opportunities
    • Explode the myth that it takes money to make money
    • Define once and for all who you are
    • Challenge the belief that being rich is Abundance
    • Teach you what to teach your kids about money for their future financial success


For prompt service please call 702-577-0024


"As a new business owner, I came to Brandon wanting to learn how to create more sales in my business. Sales is something that I've always had conflict with, because I have felt like I am taking advantage of people when I try to sell them. In spending 90 minutes with Brandon, my world was rocked! I was able to take the principle I learned in that 90 minutes and made my first salel in less than 20 minutes, one more the same day, and yet another the following day! I attempted 5 sales and made 3! Better yet, I walked away never feeling like I took advantage of them."

- Keith Hubbard

"On stage, Brandon exudes higher conscious living, and teaches a million dollar success story that I related to so powerfully that I was moved to tears. I was deeply connected to what I truly cared about -- self, and investing in and nurturing the best interest of self. This is how I create my authentic true wealth."

- Miyoshi

"Thank you for your powerful presentation. It was completely different than other speakers in how financial knowledge and passive income techniques are related to our Higher Self and Universal Principles. The concepts presented have truly affected me on a deeply personal level. I am inspired to "kick my hyena" and live within my Higher Self."

- Lynnette Tomlinson

"Brandon has inspired me a great deal and helped me see things in a different light. So much so that I very much look forward to attend any of his future events. Thank you!"

- Ana Turnage

"Brandon has taught me all the different possibilities that are created from living my life from a place of service. As a result of this thinking, I have created massive abundance with not only my income, but also in other areas of my life. Brandon is one of the most dynamic trainers because he inspires people to live in their Higher Self while at the same time increasing their income."

- Luisa Gomez


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