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Higher Laws of Money

  Master Your Power Within™   Three Day Event

Event Dates

Edmonton, Canada
Feb 8 - 10, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT
March 1 - 3, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT
Apr 12 - 14, 2018
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At this event, you will learn:

  • The 4 Primary Laws of Success™
  • The Higher Laws of Self Mastery
  • The Higher Laws of Money
  • The Higher Laws of Influence
  • The Higher Laws of Relationships
  • The Three Pillars of Change
    • Use This to Create Lasting Change with Any Behavior Pattern
    • Overcome that which holds you back the most in life
    • Create unlimited empowerment in your life to make difficult things become effortless.
  • The Higher Law of Results™ (with Relationships & Money)
    • How to Get Results in Any Area of Your Life... Especially with Relationships and Money!
    Why People Don't Get the Financial Results they Want
    • It may not be what you think, yet others have increased their income after learning this
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Eyes™

    • What the Rich See... that the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!
    • How your "Higher Self" is directly related to Your Income
    • How to Have Success... in the Midst of Financial Storms Around You
    • How to Know the Timing and Predict When the Financial Storms will Come
  • Why People Don't Have the Relationships they Want
    • How to Have More Love in Your Relationships
    • How One Specific Thing can Create Abundance in Relationships
  • The Primary Key to a Lasting Partner/Friendship
    • Yes, there Really is One Thing that can Create or Hinder You
  • Masculine & Feminine Energy
    • How Women Cut Themselves Short in Relationships
    • Why Men Fall Short in Relationships
  • The Four Cornerstones of Relationships
    • How to Have a Person Think More About You... After They Go Home!
  • How to Create A Bright Future
    • Relationships "End" without a Bright Future... Especially in Business!
  • How to Become a Master Teacher
  • Mastering Influence™
    • A Secret Ingredient to Connecting with Anyone you Meet
    • How to Influence... Without people feeling sold or Influenced
  • How to Empower your Best Self
    • How to Have Consistency in Life... and Maintain your Desires!
    • How to Be The Solid Person, When the People Around You Start Getting Floppy
  • How to Never Get a Spanking from Life Again... There Really is a Way!
  • The Cycle of The Rise and Fall of your Greatest Asset... YOU!
  • Learn how to turn your ideas into money.
  • The Master Keys of Influence:
    • How to Influence & Unlock Potential... in Every Area of Life
    • Unleash Relationships like you never have before
    • How to Influence... Without people feeling sold or Influenced
    • Specific techniques and a 4 step process on how to massively increase your Income (When Brandon first created this process it helped him go from making $1,000 a week to making $1,000 an hour. Today he is in the top 1% of income earners in the world)
  • Spiritual Mastery™
    • How to use "Spiritual Laws" to create measurable "Real World" Success
    • Self Mastery™ -
      • "You are your greatest asset and your greatest liability." - Brandon Broadwater
    • The Cure for Selfishness
    • Why Bad Things Happen to Good People... Why People Suffer
    • Learn How The Universe Can Answer Your Specific Questions, No Fluffy Stuff!

      • Why You Don't Get An Answer... And Exactly What to Do, So That You Will
    • Learn the 6 Stages of Spiritual Growth!

      • 1. Experimenter
      • 2. Deal Maker
      • 3. Truth Seeker
      • 4. Learned at The Event
      • 5. Learned at The Event
      • 6. Learned at The Event
  • Learn the Most Important Question You Could Ever Ask... The "Sacred Question"
  • The 4 Keys of Business
    • This Includes Any Business or Entrepreneur Endeavor (Real Estate Too)
    • Predict the Future of a Business with These Four Laws.
    • Without These Four Laws, a Business will Absolutely Stay Small.
  • How to Get People to Think Good Things About You, When You Are Not Even There!
  • Live Q & A, with Brandon Broadwater
    • Imagine what it would be like to finally get real answers to your questions. Really!
  • And much more!


Learn the economic trends and principles you need to take advantage of the economic crisis and revolutionize your business. more

What People Are Saying

Here's a look at what some recent graduates have said:

After spending time with Brandon, I feel like a Super Hero that has just Discovered my Super Powers!
- Gabor Vince
The 3 day event changed everything for myself and my family.
- Andy Benjamin
Oh My! I am blown away & humbled by this experience. I know God sent me here, not for one reason, but for many. You have given me what my soul has been searching for since I was a little girl. I have always known I was meant for greater things & now I am on my true path because of this course. I thank you for not keeping this a secret. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Brandon!
- Dana Lang
This was an incredible experience that delivers REAL RESULTS. I've connected with my spirituality in a way that I didn't expect and I will never go back to the way things were before. Brandon's integrity, heart, and spirit have cemented high in my mind as one of the most amazing people I have ever met. This event is like unlike anything I have seen before.
- Brent Francis
Ask yourself, "What is your next step?" and "What is holding you back the most?"... If you'd like to get clarity to these questions, then this event is a critical step toward your ultimate success.
- Mladen Ryhard - Canada
After attending years of seminars, my expectations were fairly low & I attended only to fulfill my commitment to my friend. But WOW! The teachings, the perspective you gave me far exceeded the trainings I've received from some of the most renowned trainers. This was not "Theory" it was "Real Life" tools for me to take to my business and into my relationships. Thank you for being the "REAL DEAL!
- Carol Weekly - California, USA
This 3 day event was truly life changing. This is the only course I know of that teaches everything we need to be successful at anything and everything. Brandon is an inspiring, caring, effective, honest, real, and life changing teacher. Thank you Brandon. Now I know that Everything is Within Me Now!!!
- Paula Hopwood
I was so money focused and chasing it, not realizing that in order to increase money, I need a lot more help than just financial knowledge. Now I know what was missing!
- Nigel O'Quinn - Edmonton, Canada

This event has revitalized my marriage, and have given us direction, purpose, & hope for an exciting bright future.
- Jamie Rehl
Love it! Finally a mentor who is in touch with spirituality AND finances, and genuinely cares. Thank you for becoming a new friend Brandon!
- K. Mah
I was reluctant to come to this event. I thought 'I've been to many events, do I really need another one? I don't have the time. I don't have the money.' I can say with absolute certainty that Brandon has been my favorite! The way Brandon masterfully helped me to connect the dots in ALL the the areas of my life was a thing of beauty. I am coming back!
- Lisa Letwin, Canada
I spent 5 months and $11,000 dollars with another training company, and I didn't get the same value from them as I did from 3 DAYS with Higher Laws. I spent 50 years living in fear, and that is now completely gone from my life!
- Ray H

Day One


Create an Extraordinary Life

Those who create an extraordinary life and achieve their highest vision do certain things and align their lives to principles that produce results. Results in all areas of life is what you will have when you harness the most powerful parts of yourself.

In this session you will learn to harness your ultimate power within that that comes from a principle centered life. You will learn to unleash your potential to overcome anything, keep yourself focused during tough times, and reward yourself with a life full of lasting abundance.


During Day One, you will…

  • Learn about the 4 Laws of Business that will help you "see the end from the beginning" no matter what stage you are at in your business.
  • Get hands on experience creating more Abundance in your life
  • Learn to see the subtle shifts in others so you can have better relationships and successful negotiations in business transactions
  • Activate the driving force that moves you to action and toward living your life purpose.
  • Move through limitations toward the resourcefulness that all great leaders, entrepreneurs, and top athletes use.
  • Learn how to turn ideas into money
  • Find the psychological state of strength that is unstoppable by aligning your life with a Higher Laws
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Day Two


The Power of Knowledge and Influence

As we grow, our perspective stretches past the edge of our previous understanding. With this new perspective we can see opportunity that has been in front of us for a long time. In this session you'll leave with a clear understanding of how to make a great decisionwhat it is that you truly want most in life and how to create your optimal future.

In this session, you will learn how human beings are motivated. What drives us and what holds us back from what we desire. You will learn to unleash your potential and inspire those around you to perform at peak levels.


During Day Two, you will…

  • Learn how to influence and inspire others without them feeling sold.
  • Learn exactly how Brandon went from making $1,000 a week to $1,000 an hour. This can be applied to almost any business.
  • Unleash your potential and inspire those around you to perform at peak levels.
  • Identify and replace limiting parts of yourself to gain sustainable results.
  • Identify and harness income producing opportunities (and avoid major financial setbacks) that are available for those who learn about current economic trends and cycles.
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Day Three


The Power of Relationships and Higher Laws

After learning the advanced principles on Day One and Two, Day Three brings it all together. This is done by adding the component of how to have more abundance in your relationships and creating a clear path to reach your full potential. By doing this results based approach, you will have the life you deserve.


During Day Three, you will…

  • Learn how your Higher Self™ is related to money
  • Learn about the Sacred Question
  • Experience the Millionaire Eyes™ Process and be given a template to take home and use for the rest of your life
  • Get even more clarity about how your Higher Self can unleash all your potential.
  • And much, much more
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